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According to the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety, more than 50 percent of drain system failures are due to sewer backups. The estimated cost of sewer drain overflows or corroded drain pipes and loose connections is $4,400. Jack Nelson Service Experts can help by ensuring you have a backflow assembly as a safeguard to avoid sewer backups. Many homeowners in Tulsa don’t realize they are accountable for the maintenance and repair of the pipeline between their city’s sanitary sewer main and their home, called the “sewer lateral.” At Jack Nelson Service Experts, our plumbers and technicians have the skills, training and proficiency to manage everything and anything related to sewer service and sewer inspection.

Popular Causes of Sewer Backup

  • Back-ups in the city’s sanitary main
  • Tree roots that grow into sewer lines
No matter what is Creating your sewer to fail or backup, don’t hesitate to ring us at 918-212-8927 as soon as you suspect a problem to evade as much, sometimes costly, destruction to your home and plumbing arrangement as possible.

How to Prevent a Sewer Line Backup
  • Be sure you are throwing away waste properly.
  • Dumping grease down your drain will cause a obstruction in the line and become a clog.
  • Disposing of any paper objects other than toilet paper (including feminine products and paper towels) down the toilet can create a backup.
  • Have Jack Nelson Service Experts install and manage a backwater prevention valve to prevent sewer backflows.
  • Ask Jack Nelson Service Experts to investigate for illegal plumbing connections and fix them if found. It is illegal to connect French drains, sump pumps and other flood-control systems to your sanitary sewer. Not only that, but it will ultimately clog your line with debris and silt.
  • To prevent tree roots from hindering your lines, have your line and tap replaced with plastic pipe.
Call Jack Nelson Service Experts today at 918-212-8927 or request an appointment online and let us do the dirty work of sewer services for you. We offer quality equipment choices, knowledge and expert service for all your plumbing needs.
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